Student Ministry

Zion Church is committed to helping parents disciple the next generation effectively.  If you are a parent of teenagers you know this presents unique challenges.  So much in our culture seems to pull life out of our teens.  School struggles.  Peer problems.  Life questions.  We have hope in a promise Jesus gave to everyone at any age.  In John 10:10 Jesus said, "I have come that they may have life and find it to the full."  This promise includes teenagers and is the focus of our Ten10 Student Ministry at Zion.

Discovering Jesus' abundant life comes out in three important environments at Zion.

Ten10 All-In Experiences

These larger events gather our teens together monthly with peers from all Zion campuses to build godly relationships and make positive memories all while having a really good time.

Ten10 Small Groups

These regular gatherings empower teens to live out Jesus' promise of an abundant life and offers deeper relationships with group leaders and peers. Studies are fueled using XP3 curriculum.

Ten10 Mission Projects

Much of Jesus' "abundant-life" promise is experienced when we learn to live beyond ourselves.  Culture is screaming at teenagers to be consumers.  Our monthly Ten10 mission projects help teens build a biblical worldview by serving others and the community they are in.

If you have questions or would like specific information about individual campuses and their Ten10 ministries please contact:

Zion of Clarion Country: Camron Kirkland

Zion of the Petroleum Valley: Joe Olkowski

Zion of Jefferson County: Ray Doolittle

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