Our Leadership

Zion is an elder led church. This team is tasked with modeling, feeding, caring, leading, and protecting the church family. The elder team consists of vocationally trained pastors and volunteers who have sensed a call and have submitted to the process of becoming an elder.

Our Pastor/Elder Team

TrentK JoeO SteveK

Trent Kirkland

Zion of Clarion County

Joe Olkowski

Zion of Petroleum Valley            Joe@zionlife.com 

Steve Kornbau

Zion of Jefferson County            Steve@zionlife.com

Our Non-Vocational Elders

Angelo Anderson

Zion of Clarion County


Jacob Otto

Zion of Clarion County


Tom Gibson

Zion of Petroleum Valley tomsolidrock1@gmail.com

Matt Hankey 

Zion of Clarion County


Our Support Staff

Missy Futato Ministry Assistant Missy@zionlife.com
Melissa Holben Business Manager Melissa@zionlife.com
Western Pa Bridge

Welcome Home

Sundays at 10:30am