Coronavirus Update

COVID-19 UPDATE from the Elder Team

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Dear Zion Family,

In case you missed the news, the Elder Team has set Sunday, June 7th at 10:30am as the official day that we will Re-Enter our three locations for Sunday morning worship. Please know that we have met together regularly to pray, discuss, and determine the best time to come back together. We have used two guiding questions: “What is the loving thing to do”? and “What is the wise thing to do?”

As we make plans to re-enter our buildings on Sunday, June 7th, there are some important items that need to be shared.


  • If you are not comfortable meeting at your campus, we will continue providing a Livestream of the worship gathering from our Clarion location on Sundays at 10:30am.


  • For the time being, our worship gatherings will be “family style.” We are asking that families sit together during worship and for parents to keep their kids close to them while in the buildings.


  • Though we will not be providing any childcare, parents will be able to use the preschool/nursery area if you feel the need.


  • During our worship gatherings, we will practice good social distancing and ask everyone to be mindful of others as you choose where to sit.


  • We will not ask anyone to wear a mask while in the buildings, though you are more than welcome to wear one if you’d prefer.


  • We encourage everyone to bring a mug of coffee from home if you need some caffeine.  NOTE: Each campus will handle coffee as they see fit.


  • Our First Impressions Team will have all doors propped open and will keep high traffic areas sanitized. 


  • We ask that “hellos” and “hand waving” continue to replace “handshakes” and “hugs.” 


  • We will not pass an offering plate during worship. Baskets/Buckets will be placed in strategic areas for you to leave your offering if you have not moved to online giving.


  • We will make needed adjustments for communion, utilizing “self contained” juice and bread wafers to minimize contact with others.

We are excited to be able to re-open our building for public worship gatherings. We are ready to be back together again. The steps we are taking as we come back together allow us to show LOVE to those who are more susceptible and cautious and are guided by WISDOM that the elder team believes God has given them as we move forward.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to someone on the Elder Team!

We look forward to coming back together again!

The Elder Team


COVID-19 UPDATE from the Elder Team
Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Dear Zion Family,

Last night (3-16-2020) the Elder Team met to discuss the path forward for Zion in the coming days in light of COVID-19 and the recommendations from government officials. As leaders, we are doing our best to listen to God and make decisions out of love, not fear. We want to consider how to best “love our neighbors” during this time. We recognize that our decisions and recommendations may seem like “too much” to some and “not enough” for others. Please continue to pray for us as we lead through uncharted territory together. After prayer and conversation the Elder Team wants to share the following:

Beginning this Sunday, March 22nd and continuing for the foreseeable future, we will be moving our Sunday morning worship to an exclusively online experience. You will be able to join others at 10:30am by logging onto During this time you will be able to interact with others who are viewing the service. This will help us maintain a sense of community through online engagement. We encourage you to carve out this time on your weekly calendar.

In keeping with the government’s recommendation, all gatherings of more than 10 people are discouraged, including Life Groups, Bible Studies, and other ministry gatherings.

We encourage you to stay connected with others, though it will look a little different. Use the phone. Take advantage of video calling. If you are comfortable meeting with a few trusted friends for prayer and connection, do that. Use social media for good by sharing words of hope to others and to reach out privately to check in with each other.

We also want to remind everyone to continue to love your neighbor during this time. Look for ways to help the elderly and those who are most vulnerable. This is a moment in time when the church should shine by showing and sharing the love of God to others. You may want to ask yourself regularly, “What does love require of me?” Wouldn’t it be great to have people say, “I became a follower of Jesus during the coronavirus pandemic because I saw Christians loving others well!”?

We hope that everyone also uses this time to seek God, worship Him, and grow in your faith. Though not the way we would hope to practice it, consider this a “sabbath season.” Read the Scriptures more. Pray more. Consider where you are on your own spiritual journey and consider ways to take some new and needed steps.

In the area of finances, please remember the following: 1) If you are experiencing a significant financial loss during this time, let one of the elders know. We will do our best to stand in the gap with you as a church and help however we can. 2) When it comes to giving, if you lose a portion of your income, adjust your giving accordingly. God wants us to be faithful with what we have, not what we don’t have. 3) If your income remains unaffected by current events, please remain faithful with your giving. Please remember that you can give online at or you can send in your giving to Zion Church, 114 Zion Rd., Clarion Pa. 16214.

If you need anything during this time or are made aware of the needs of others, please reach out to one of the Elders. We will continue to keep everyone updated in the coming days.

The Elder Team

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